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Observation Pier at

Observation Pier at
Army Trail Nature Center
The Foundation donated $20,000 for the purchase of a new fully accessible 10' x 20' floating pier. The pier is made of durable long lasting material and is a beautiful addition to the Nature Center.

Park & Recreation Foundation

The Parks and Recreation Foundation of the Addison Park District

Don Figarelli Addison Senior Open

The Parks and Recreation Foundation of the Addison Park District was founded on June 18, 2003, as a not-for-profit organization. It’s goals are to support, promote and encourage the expansion of educational and recreational opportunities for all residents of the Village of Addison. The Foundation's purposes include: encouragement of greater citizen use of resources and services, expansion of the number and variety of educational programs and recreational activities provided to residents within the Addison Park District; and development of financial support for the District.

The Foundation has successfully sponsored several fund raising events, including golf outing, Scotch Double Candlelight bowling events, a family night miniature golf adventure and a longest drive competition at the Links & Tees golf dome. Proceeds from these events are used to provide funding for the APD scholarship program that supports needy individuals and families residing with the district, who wish to participate in park district program activities, and to recognize the contributions of the many volunteers who coordinate park district programs. We invite your participation in, and support of, the Foundation and its activities. For more information, contact the Foundation at (630) 233-7275.

The 2016 Foundation members are:

Don Jessen, Chairperson
Virginia Clark, Vice-Chair
Marvel Krauter, Secretary
Edward Jordan, Treasurer
Donald Ortale, Trustee
Tom Reed, Trustee
Chip Humes, Trustee
Frank Anguilo, Trustee
Marilyn Sala, Trustee
Joe Ariano, Trustee
Geri Estvanik, Trustee

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